Fire Extinguisher Training Program

Keep your employees safe: Prepare them with hands-on training so they’re ready to move swiftly and decisively in the event of fire.

Our fire extinguisher training program brings a tailored experience to your workplace.  We start with classroom instruction and then give your team experience unlocking and using an extinguisher to put out a fire or digital fire simulation. Below are some of the training classes available depending upon your needs:


(55 minutes)

Inside training consists of a PowerPoint presentation where all attendees will go over the different types of fire extinguishers and learn how it works followed by Questions and Answers period. This portion includes when, how, and what class of extinguisher to use for different types of fires. More importantly, it also goes into what types of fires NOT to use the wrong extinguisher on. While not preferred this can count as the minimum OSHA yearly required training at some businesses.


(30 minutes)

The pan talk is a shortened presentation that can be done at the simulator or the Live Fire pan for faster turnaround times during training and better social distancing. All participants will receive a handout to keep and we will go over the main pertinent points of the handout including types of fires, types of extinguishers, and how extinguishers work.

Live Fire

(20 minutes / 25 people)

Live fire involves a real Class B fire in a controlled setting. This is the best type of training as it incorporates the inside training with a true fire in real but controlled conditions. Koorsen will bring all materials for this activity including a burn pan, extinguishers, and fuel. The minimum space requirement is 25’ distance from all buildings, power lines, vehicles, and flammable materials. In Marion County, this training needs a minimum of 2 weeks prior notice for permits. Other areas differ on permitting requirements. This training is preferred not to be done in an area around grass, ABC powder will kill grass and plants by over nitrogenizing the soil. Perennials such as grass will however come back strong and green in the future.

Bullex BullsEye Simulator

(30 minutes / 25 people)

This simulator is an intelligent software-based training system that displays a fire on a special screen. This fire is controlled by the instructor to respond just like a real Class A, Class B, or Class C fire and uses real feeling fire extinguishers equipped with laser emitters to put the fire out. This new system can also be programmed by pulling a fire alarm, calling 911 or a customer’s special number, and multiple other scenarios as the customer requests. Advantages of this system are that all training can occur indoor and can include integrated training props.


(75-90 minutes / 25 people)

Class D fire training consists of a classroom portion followed by a live burn training. The Classroom portion will include how these extinguishers are different from all other types, the dangers associated with metal fires, and live videos of metal fires. This training is capped off with a live metal fire in controlled settings where all participants will have the opportunity to extinguish a fire while the instructor provides some helpful tips and tricks to battle these truly different fires.


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Hands-on training is the best way to gain confidence and knowledge. Your employees become ready to act, and your business stays OSHA compliant. Find out more about our Fire Extinguisher Training Program and see some of our hands-on options by watching the video below.