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Producing the Best-Trained Technicians in the Industry.

At the Koorsen Training Center, our mission is to provide the very best training to each and every technician who walks through our doors. Named a Top In-Class Training Facility by NAFED, the Koorsen Training Center is the largest and most advanced of its kind. The facility features designated areas for each discipline complete with advanced classroom technology, high-speed internet access and fully-operational equipment of all major makes and models for an immersive and thorough training experience.

With our high level of technology, a large range of equipment and NICET certified trainers, with decades of industry experience, it’s no surprise that the Koorsen Training Center produces the best-trained technicians in the industry.
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The Best-trained Associates in the Industry

Unparalleled Training

On any given day at the Koorsen Training Center, you will find our industry-leading trainers teaching technicians, fire marshals, insurance carriers, building inspectors, facility managers, vendors, and more. Our trainers teach attendees the NFPA Code Standards and on-the-job specific training. Walk the halls and you’ll find designated areas for fire alarm, kitchen fire suppression, sprinkler, fire suppression and security training. These discipline-specific training areas allow our technicians to train in real-life situations, without the risk of making an error out on the job.

Learn From the Best to Be the Best

With access to our state-of-the-art training center and knowledgeable trainers, it’s easy to see why Koorsen technicians are the best-trained in the industry. While other companies train their technicians on the job, Koorsen technicians are required to go through extensive hands-on training at the Koorsen Training Center before ever touching a customer’s system. We also require all of our technicians to take continuing education training at the center so they stay sharp and up-to-date on the latest standards, regulations, equipment, and tools.

Whether it’s a newly hired technician, a skilled technician refreshing their knowledge, or a technician training to become an expert troubleshooter, the Koorsen Training Center provides our technicians with the best-in-class training so they will be the best technicians in our industry.

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