A Growing Family of Businesses

Think Koorsen is just fire and security? Think again. Over the past 75 years, as a result of our successful fire and security business, Koorsen has built a family of businesses to meet the additional needs of the companies we serve. See below for an overview of all the businesses the Koorsen family owns.

Koorsen Fire & Security

Koorsen Fire & Security provides total protection for businesses of all sizes and in all industries with fire, security, communications and mobile safety products and services. We are one of the largest and most respected fire and security companies in America.

Koorsen Facilities Management

Koorsen Facilities Management provides national and regional account customers with top-of-the-line fire protection, security, and construction services. Our team of dedicated account managers, technicians and contractors will ensure that all your facilities are up-to-date, compliant and running efficiently.

Koorsen Companies

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