In the event of a fire or emergency, exit and emergency lights play a crucial role in ensuring that people can quickly and safely evacuate a building. Whether it’s an extensive install job on a new construction site or an upgrade to energy-efficient LED lights, our e-lighting experts can meet your emergency lighting needs.

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Emergency lights must stay lit for a minimum of 90 minutes in the event of a power outage in order to facilitate the smooth evacuation of building occupants during an emergency or fire. It is required that emergency lights be tested monthly with a simple 30-second test, while a full 90-minute test is required annually. The annual testing must be performed by a professional.


From broken emergency lights to upgrades, the professionals at Koorsen can handle all of your emergency lighting service and maintenance needs. From installation to regular testing to repairs and maintenance, we are your one stop shop for emergency lights.
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While you can perform the monthly quick, for the annual inspection, we recommend using an experienced Koorsen technician who can properly test, diagnose, and repair your lights to ensure proper functionality.

Yes. We will inspect them, perform annual 90-minute battery load tests, and place labels on them so the AHJ can see that they have had their required inspections conducted on them. Contact us today to schedule an inspection.

Lights should be tested monthly by the owner or designated employee. They must have a 90-minute battery load test performed annually by a certified technician.


Battery Backup Exit Sign:

Battery backup exit signs are hard-wired with an internal battery backup system that can operate for at least 90 minutes as a result of a power outage.

AC Only Exit Sign:

An AC only exit sign does not contain a battery backup and is intended for facilities that have emergency power backup systems, like from a generator. 

Wet Location Exit Sign:

These exit sings are designed to be water and/or moisture resistant and intended for outdoor environments or areas subject to water spray or moisture.

Self Testing Exit Sign:

To reduce man hours manually testing exit signs monthly and annually, self-testing exit signs automatically perform 15- minute tests every 30 days and a 90-minute test once per year. A small bulb light will flash if there are any issues.

Edge Lit Exit Sign:

Edge lit LED exit signs are usually chosen for their modern aesthetics with their brushed aluminum housing. They are favored by designers and architects looking for a high-end look.

Self-Luminous Exit Sign:

Powered by tritium gas which produces illumination that can last up to 20 years, these signs are an alternative to LED signs where it may be difficult to run electricity to.

LED Emergency Light:

LED emergency lights are energy efficient and provide great illumination from a smaller size light when compared to traditional incandescent emergency lights.

Self Testing Emergency Light:

To reduce maintenance costs of manually testing emergency lights every month and annually, a self-testing emergency light automatically performs the required tests and will let you know if there is any issues with a visible indicator light.

Explosion Proof Emergency Light:

You will typically find these lights in hazardous locations where flammable vapors or dust may be present like gas plants, oil platforms, and paint spray booths.

Cold Temperature Emergency Light:

For freezers or environments where the temperatures may drop below 20 degrees Fahrenheit, cold temperature emergency lights are used. Most of these units include a battery heater to maintain the battery strength in the cold temperatures.

Industrial Emergency Light:

These lights are built tough to withstand rough environments like warehouse and manufacturing plants where they may be subject to wet and corrosive atmospheres.

Steel Emergency Light:

If you are looking for affordable durability over the standard thermoplastic emergency lights, steel emergency lights are a good choice.

Exit Sign/Emergency Light Combo:

Combo units combine the exit sign and emergency lighting in one easy to install unit. This is ideal where an exit sign and emergency light are required.   

Wet Location Exit Sign/Emergency Light Combo:

In areas where moisture or water spray are present, a wet location rated combo sign is ideal.

Self Testing Exit Sign/Emergency Light Combo:

These combo units automatically perform monthly and annual tests reducing maintenance costs. A flashing indicator light will usually mean that the battery or light needs attention.

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