Protecting Sensitive Environments

Every year, thousands of fires involve electrical equipment, and hundreds of these take place in computer rooms*. For environments like these, as well as those that contain manufacturing equipment or irreplaceable valuables like paintings, wet sprinklers aren’t the best answer for fire suppression.

Clean agent systems are faster and safer than water, and they limit damage and downtime.

Although smoke is the biggest enemy of sensitive equipment, heat can do a lot of damage before a room gets hot enough for a sprinkler head to discharge water. Effective fire protection needs to be extremely responsive, cause little damage, and be safe for people as well as the environment.

Our fire suppression systems are installed and inspected by a team of designers and technicians certified by the National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET). They bring the best in environmentally friendly, minimal-damage protection to areas such as:

  • Computer rooms
  • CT scan or MRI rooms
  • Telecommunications centers
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Storage vaults
  • Museums and libraries
  • Gas stations
  • Heavy industrial facilities

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