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Kooorsen Fire & Security, Inc. is committed to the principles of equal opportunity and diversity. We make employment decisions based on skills, knowledge, abilities, job performance and other appropriate qualifications of the individual without regard to race, religion, color, sex, sexual orientation, genetic information, gender, gender identity, gender expression, age, national origin, ancestry, citizenship, protected veteran or disability status or any factor prohibited by law. Employment decisions can include hiring, firing, compensation, benefits promotion, training selection or other statuses or conditions of employment. The company also prohibits discrimination on other bases such as medical condition, marital status or any factor that is irrelevant to the performance of our teammates.

administrative assistant – cincinnati, OH
administrative assistant – lexington, ky
administrative assistant – south bend, IN
digital marketing specialist – indianapolis, IN
engineered fire alarm Sales – inDIANAPOLIS, IN
engineered fire alarm Sales – nashville, TN
field supervisor – inDIANAPOLIS, IN
Fire alarm inspector – columbus, IN
Fire alarm inspector – evansville, IN
Fire alarm inspectors – louisville, KY
Fire Alarm / backflow inspectors – columbus, OH
Fire Alarm / sprinkler / backflow inspector – south bend, IN
Fire Alarm / sprinkler inspectors – indianapolis, IN
Fire Alarm / sprinkler inspectors – nashville, TN
Fire Alarm / suppression service technicians – Dayton, OH
Fire Alarm installation technicians – indianapolis, IN
Fire Alarm installation technicians – lexington, ky
Fire Alarm technician – cincinnati, OH
Fire Alarm technician – huntsville, AL
Fire Alarm technician – nashville, TN
Fire Alarm / security systems installation technician – huntsville, AL
Fire Alarm / security systems installation technician – louisville, KY
Fire Alarm / security systems installation technician – mansfield, OH
Fire Alarm / security systems service manager – dayton, OH
Fire And Life safety technician – indianapolis, IN
Fire Extinguisher inspection and service – dover, OH
Fire Extinguisher inspection and service – huntsville, al
Fire Extinguisher inspection and service – muncie, IN
Fire sprinkler designer – nashville, TN
Fire sprinkler inspector – nashville, TN
Fire sprinkler systems sales – nashville, TN
inSIDE SALES representative – Mansfield, OH
off-Road vehicle fire suppression technician – Binghamton, ny
off-road vehicle fire suppression technician  – East/Central Tennessee
off-road vehicle fire suppression technician – Evansville, IN
Part Time administrative assistant – huntsville, AL
project coordinator  – indianapolis, IN
project manager  – indianapolis, IN
sales manager  – Akron, OH
sales manager  – lexington, KY
security sales  – columbus, OH
security sales  – nashville, TN
security sales  – kokomo, IN
security sales  – south bend, IN
security sales  – terre haute/indianapolis, IN
Security Systems installation technicians – evansville, IN
Security Systems installation technician – lexington, KY
Security Systems service technician – indianapolis, IN
Security Systems technician – columbus, OH
Security Systems technician – LOUISVILLE, KY
service and inspection billing associate – indianapolis, IN
Service manageR – south bend, in
SHOP technician – huntsville, AL
Sprinkler FitterS – HUntSVILLE, AL
Sprinkler Fitters – LOUISVILLE, KY
Sprinkler Fitter Trainees – nashville, TN
Sprinkler Fitters & helpers – nashville, TN
territory account manager – canton, OH
territory account manager – DAyton, OH
territory account manager – merrillville, IN
territory account manager – nashville, TN

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