Fire protection for extreme operating conditions.

Today’s heavy machinery is bigger, more powerful and harder working than ever before. From multimillion dollar mining excavators and slag haulers down to small skid steers, the engines and components of these are capable of creating intense heat that can quickly spark a fire putting your operators’ lives at risk and severely damaging your equipment. These damages and risks can be reduced with a fire suppression system installed and maintained by Koorsen.


With over 70 years in the fire protection business, Koorsen has the experience and know-how to effectively protect heavy mobile equipment in many industries including waste management, forestry, construction, mining, and transportation. We have installed thousands of fire suppression systems on machinery of all shapes and sizes. We know the ins and outs to ensuring the systems work quickly and effectively to save and protect your equipment and your people.

These are just a few of the things we do that you’ll only find from Koorsen. With many years of experience installing, servicing and maintaining vehicle fire suppression systems; you can trust Koorsen to protect your equipment and your people.


With a fire suppression system, fires on heavy mobile equipment can quickly be detected and suppressed, limiting damages and complete losses. We partner with a number of fire suppression system manufacturers so we can build the right system for our customers’ exact needs.

Dry Systems

With our dry systems, fires can quickly be starved of oxygen and knocked out, allowing the operator to then eliminate or wet down any combustibles that may rekindle the fire. While a dry system can effectively put out the fire, it is important to immediately remove or wet down any combustibles around the previous fire in order to prevent it from reigniting.

Liquid Systems

Our liquid systems not only help suppress the fire but they also cool the components that may have ignited the combustibles. The liquid can also absorb into the combustibles, further reducing any risk of reigniting. With the dual-action of fire suppression and cooling, liquid systems are the most popular systems that businesses choose.

Dual Agent Systems

For clients, seeking the best of both worlds, we have dual fire suppression systems that include a dry tank and a liquid tank. The dry powder quickly starves the fire and knocks it out, while the liquid cools the components and saturates the combustibles.

Small Vehicle Systems

Don’t leave any of your equipment unprotected. Even a fire on a small piece of equipment, like a skid steer, can result in downtime and a loss of revenue. With various fire suppression configurations from our manufacturers, we can accommodate each and every size of equipment that you depend on.

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