When it comes to fire protection for your food truck or concession trailer, you can’t afford to compromise. That’s why so many businesses trust Koorsen to install kitchen fire suppression systems and Class K fire extinguishers in their food trucks and concession trailers.

Our certified experts develop solutions built around our customers’ unique food truck and cooking needs.


Inspections and testing were the foundation of our business starting back in 1946 and continue to be one of our strongest services today. If your food truck fire suppression system or extinguisher needs an inspection, Koorsen has the experience and know-how to effectively protect your food truck. 

We have installed hundreds of kitchen hood fire suppression systems on food trucks and concession trailers throughout the Midwest and South. We know the ins and outs to ensure the systems work quickly and effectively to protect your food truck and your people.


Our team of certified technicians are known for their extensive knowledge and high level of service. So, whether it’s regularly scheduled maintenance or an urgent after-hours repair, our team is available 24/7 to handle any service issues you might face. We will get your food truck back up and serving delicious food in no time.

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The 2018 edition of NFPA 1 section Mobile and Temporary Cooking Operations states “deep fat fryers, fry-o-lators, or other appliances having combustible liquids heated by LP gas, solid fuels, or electricity shall be protected by an approved fire suppression system or other approved means of extinguishment in the event of fire.” 

You should always ask your local AHJ about fire extinguisher requirements. According to the NFPA 1, a minimum of one ABC fire extinguisher shall be provided when a generator or other fuel fired appliance is used. Per NFPA 96 10.9.2 class K fire extinguishers shall be provided for cooking appliance hazards that involve combustible cooking media like vegetable oils and animal oils and fats.  

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