Reliable Kitchen Fire Suppression for Any Facility

If a fire is going to start, it’s likely to start in a kitchen*. Yet many business owners let their kitchen facilities go under-protected from fire, leaving their employees, customers, and properties vulnerable.

What works in one kitchen can be outright “dangerous” in another. The Koorsen kitchen fire suppression team includes engineers trained to design the most appropriate and effective suppression system for your kitchen, whether it’s a hospital or university kitchen that serves thousands of meals a day or a small café kitchen.

Kitchen conditions require specific fire suppression. Our experts have the highest level of certification and have received all the appropriate manufacturer’s training. We’re the only company you need to inspect, service, or upgrade whatever system you have at present or to install the most appropriate kitchen system for your operation—all without interruption to your business.

Check in with us if you’re uncertain about your fire suppression or if you’ve revamped your kitchen. Moving equipment means you need to re-evaluate your system to ensure that components are still appropriately located and functioning.

Koorsen is a leader in kitchen fire suppression in each of our locations. Count on us to provide the utmost protection for your operation. Start today.


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